Casino bonuses

Any gambling establishment is interested in retaining players because the choice of online casinos on the internet today is enormous. And if a visitor doesn’t like anything, he will find another site to play at. All leading clubs use special retention strategies – retention players.

Get a bonus 500$ for a combination

PariMatch Casino gives a unique opportunity to get a bonus of 500$ for a combination of three sevens in Live Casino. Collect a combination of three sevens playing at the tables VIP PariMatch BlackJack, PariMatch Blackjack2, and PariMatch BlackJack and get a bonus of 500$!

Terms & Conditions

This bonus offer is only available to the customers of Live Casino. Only bets placed at the tables VIP PariMatch BlackJack, PariMatch Blackjack2, and PariMatch BlackJack take part in the promotion.

To participate in the promotion the stake must be at least 20$. In order to get the bonus, you must send a written request to the address [email protected] with the title «Lucky 777», indicating the number of your game account, and also attaching a screenshot of your game history in Live Casino, which will display the round with a winning combination of three sevens.

Only a winning combination of three sevens (777) is taken into account in the promotion. The suitability of cards does not matter. The bonus amount is 500$. The bonus can be credited no more than 5 times for one game account. Bonus is accrued only if the client has been bet on around with a combination of three sevens.

The bonus is available only for one betting account per person, family, apartment, computer, or IP address. In the case of suspected fraud committed through multiple registrations (fake accounts, playgroups), PariMatch will void the bonus and winnings owed to the user. If the second account was registered, then the bonus will be removed and all bonuses and winnings may be annulled.

The casino reserves the right to review transaction records, at any time and for any reason. If upon such review, will appear that the player applies strategies that the casino considers as fraud at its own discretion, Casino reserves the right to cancel the participation of such player. PariMatch reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time. While accepting the bonus, the customer agrees to the bonus terms and conditions and the general PariMatch rules and regulations published on the site.

Refund Live Casino!

You can request a 10% refund of the lost funds at the weekend in Live Casino. Play your favorite games on the weekend, and in case of failure, ask for a 10% refund of the loss amount with the gaming account number. And you will get a compensation of 10% of the lost amount at the weekend to the account in Live Casino.

The appeal must be sent before the end of Monday, which follows the weekend, during which the gaming activity was conducted.

Example: You lost $100  for Saturday (October 25) and Sunday (October 26). You need to write a letter, indicating the number of your account, no later than on Monday (October 27). Then your account will be credited with an amount equal to 10% of the amount of your loss – $10 (or 10 INR).

Terms & Conditions

This bonus offer is only available to customers of Live Casino. Bets that amount to 30 times the average bet amount are non-refundable.

Example: You played 100 rounds with an average bet of 5, and in the next round you bet 1500. Your average bet changed from 5 to 15. 1500/15 = 100. This rate is non-refundable. If you continued the game and made 3 more bets of 1500 each. The value of your average bet changed by 60. 1500/60 = 25. In this case, all your bets are refundable.

Gambling activities in which there are bets with a probability of winning 97% (for example, a bet in one round on “red” and “black”, “even” and “odd”, on all three “dozen”, etc.) is not insured. Only bets placed from 00:00 Saturday to 23:59 Sunday by Western European Time (UTC +03:00) take part in the promotion.

To get compensation, you must write a request to the address [email protected] with the title «Refund in Live Casino», indicating your game account number, no later than Monday, which is preceded by a game weekend, for which compensation is requested.

Bonus compensation will be credited within 72 hours after the weekend. The maximum amount of compensation for one game account for the weekend is $500, or the equivalent in the game account currency. The maximum amount of compensation for VIP and Premium clients for one game account for the weekend is $1000, or the equivalent in the game account currency. The minimum amount of compensation is $5. One bonus dollar is equal to 1$.

Special features and benefits

Until recently, many people associated this name only with sports betting. But the administration of the portal is keeping up with the times, for this reason, the official portal has a room with slot machines. Caring for their audience is evident at once: residents of different countries can choose in the language menu what is convenient for them. And the time displayed on the top bar of the home page is automatically synchronized with the time zone in which the player is located.

The gambling market of today offers an endless collection of gaming portals. Some time ago, a pretentious Pari Match casino emerged with a well-developed rewards program, an interesting design, and a responsive support team. You can sign up for two accounts and start having fun from your PC or phone. Slots presented on the site of PM casino guarantee high loads and exciting pastimes.

If you visit the site, you can make sure you have a license that guarantees the gamblers protection of all personal data, including those related to personal banking details. It is worth bearing in mind that when a player registers, he is obliged to specify the currency that is most convenient for him. However, if necessary, he will not be able to change it. Registration itself is very simple – you must fill in only three columns: date of birth, mobile phone number, and currency.

To place your first bet, you need to make a deposit, but the minimum deposit has a limit – this is important! A wide range of payment systems will please users from different countries, but what is remarkable – regardless of the chosen method of deposit and withdrawal, the player will not be charged a fee. And the arrival of money on the account varies in the time range from five minutes to twelve hours.