Big tennis is the second most popular sport in Parimatch bookmaker’s office after soccer. Live betting on tennis is very popular, as a tennis match is much more dynamic than soccer, and the change of events here occurs much more often. Players who do not want to wait until a goal is scored in soccer prefer to bet on the winners of games and sets right in the course of the match. That is why the volume of bets on tennis some days exceeds the volume of bets on soccer. How to tennis bets, what should you know and what should you pay attention to?

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Advantages of tennis betting

  • The ability to track the form of players

If in the case of the same soccer to track the physical and psychological form of the 11 main players of each team is extremely difficult, in tennis this issue is much easier – just watch a couple of matches of a particular player, and you can already draw conclusions about his current form.

Analyzing tennis matches is a bit easier than in many team sports. It is very important in this regard not to miss the moment when the form goes from the peak to the peak stage. Typically, each stage of this endless cycle of form for tennis players lasts three to four weeks. As you gain experience in this difficult endeavor, you will undoubtedly learn how to properly assess the current as well as predict the upcoming condition of tennis players. In women’s tennis, the “”critical days”” of an athlete can affect the outcome quite a lot. Some players even keep a “”menstrual calendar”” of certain tennis players, though it is not clear how they do it.

  • A large number of cumecs in the course of the match

Some of you, of course, will attribute this fact to the disadvantages of the sport, but really well versed in betting Parimatch people will certainly confirm that it is a very good feature for tennis betting. The greatest number of phenomenal comebacks can be observed in women’s tennis. However, there are also plenty of miracles in men’s grassroots tournaments.

  • Regularity of Competitions

You can bet on tennis anytime, any day of the week. In contrast to soccer, where each championship has a couple of significant breaks in two or three weeks, the tennis season has only one break at the end of the calendar year, and even then within these 14 days there are 3-4 medium level tournaments, so tennis fans will never get bored. Even on January 1-2 most often at least one tournament will start.


Disadvantages of tennis betting

  • Uncertainty of start and end times of the tournaments

If in team sports (as well as in most individual sports) the matches start a few days before they start, then in tennis the situation is more complicated. At each tournament duels start one after another, and until the previous duo finishes their match, the other will not start.

That’s why it is possible to say exactly only about the beginning of the playing session – all the following matches can be postponed for any length of time, and sometimes even moved to the next day. The same applies to the end of a match. For example, if you are planning to withdraw your money as soon as possible after the bet is settled or to make another bet immediately, your plans can be significantly adjusted by the duration of the current match.

  • Dependence on Weather

Despite all the modern technology, the vast majority of tennis matches are played on outdoor courts, which means the weather can make adjustments at any time. It can happen that your bet will be up in the air for a couple of days, until the rains stop in Casablanca.

Also, you should not forget that after a rainfall the game can change completely, because the players have time to recover psychologically and start the game from scratch. Rains often work to the advantage of good serve players, who have the opportunity to regain their strength, make aces and once again deliver hurricane games on their serve.

  • Singles Sports Features

Betting at Parimatch on team sports is much safer than on singles, because in team matches the bad psychological or physical state of one player often has no decisive influence on the match. In the case of tennis it is more complicated – morale, poor physical or mental condition of one of the players automatically puts an end to his chances of winning. What’s unfortunate is that you can only spot these flaws after a few games have passed.


In addition, injuries also happen in tennis duels. And if in the team sports in such situations the substitution is made and the game continues, but in tennis an injury of one of the participants means his exit from the tournament. There is nothing more offensive than to lose a bet because of the failure of a tennis player, who was playing confidently up to that moment. We wish you to experience this awful feeling less often!